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The Consortium

The RETRACK consortium of 13 partners includes European privately owned rail freight operators, experienced IT and training specialists and leading European R&D organisations which are actively contributing to the success of the project.


RETRACK is the “REorganisation of Transport networks by advanced RAil freight Concepts”. It is funded under the European Commission (EC) FP6 Programme. The project started in May 2007 and will run for four years. The RETRACK project aims to contribute to the Commission’s aspirations of a modal shift of freight traffic from road to rail with a market share of 15% by 2020 to achieve commercial viability and contribute to sustainable mobility. This aspiration is also supported by the European Rail Research Advisory Council’s (ERRAC) declared aim of bolstering rail’s market share of freight to a similar level.

RETRACK Knowledge Base

The project developed the the Corridor Knowledge Base (KB) System for rail freight corridors in Europe. It enables presenting multiple corridor studies, each corridor with its own Knowledge Base site on a separate tab. The Corridor KB system includes the Retrack and REORIENT corridors and allows easy expansion with other corridor studies. The KB site contains document libraries and data that are relevant to the Retrack corridor. The data is presented through online tools for viewing / editing of multi-dimensional data tables and GIS network data with rail links and terminal nodes.

Retrack Knowledge Base


Project summary

The RETRACK project is applying an innovative rail freight service concept to the movement of rail freight across Europe. This is being achieved through the design, development and implementation of a commercial trans-European rail freight service along the rail corridor between Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Constanza (Romania) on the Black Sea.

The project aims to secure a significant modal shift of cargo from road to rail and to create an effective and scalable rail freight corridor between high demand regions in Western Europe and new high growth regions in Central and Eastern Europe. The project will look to develop links with other emergent corridors from the TEN-T network as well as those assessed in the REORIENT and TREND projects.

Overall, the RETRACK project addresses the issues arising from transforming vision into practice and will establish a clear demonstration to the rail freight and wider logistics industry that pan European continental rail freight can be competitive, reliable and value for money. The RETRACK freight operators and allied parties are working together with leading research and development organisations to achieve this goal.

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Commercial Contact:

If you have cargo that you wish to have carried along the RETRACK corridor from Cologne-Gyor or vice versa then please contact our commercial team:

Gerd Wehland, VTG AG


Tel: +49 40 2354-4535

Mobile : +49 172 585 0705

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